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Support for Ecological Risk Assessments

Monitoring of Wetland Sediment Toxicity under the Bay Protection and Toxic Clean-up Program
As part of an on-going evaluation of tidal marsh sediment quality, Pacific EcoRisk has performed numerous solid-phase sediment tests with the amphipod Eohaustorius estuarius, 28-day sediment bioaccumulation tests with the bivalve Macoma nasuta, bivalve embryo tests of sediment porewater, and sediment-water interface testing with fish embryos. This project included extensive characterization of both sediment , sediment elutriate, and sediment porewater chemistry.


Monitoring of Wetland Sediment Toxicity at the Mare Island Naval Shipyard
As part of an ongoing ecological risk assessment of wetlands at Mare Island, Pacific EcoRisk performed toxicity evaluations of surface water and sediment samples collected from the wetlands. These evaluations consisted of performing chronic water toxicity tests with the crustacean Ceriodaphnia dubia and the echinoderm (Dendraster excentricus) embryo development tests, as well as performing 10-day bulk sediment toxicity tests with the freshwater amphipod Hyalella azteca.


Monitoring of Sediment Toxicity at the Oakland Army Base
As part of an on-going project, Pacific EcoRisk is performing a wide variety of sediment tests as part of an investigation at the Oakland Army Base, including: sediment-water interface bivalve embryo development tests, 10-day amphipod sediment toxicity tests, and sediment bioaccumulation tests with Macoma and polychaetes.


Natural Resources Damage Assessment (NRDA) of Petroleum-Contaminated Groundwater Seepage to Southern California Intertidal Areas
As part of an NRDA Evaluation of petroleum-contaminated groundwater which is seeping into Intertidal areas in Southern California, Pacific EcoRisk is preparing and providing evaluations of the toxic effects of Water Accommodated Fraction (WAF) of the crude oil to marine/estuarine crustaceans.


Toxicity Assessment of Jet Fuel Contamination at the San Francisco International Airport
Prepared water-accommodated fractions (WAFs) of Jet Fuel in seawater, and performed toxicity assessment of the Jet Fuel WAF to estuarine invertebrates.

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